fot. Claudia Damps

I'm a freelance photographer based in Berlin, born and raised in Warsaw. I specialize mainly in live music photography.
I graduated from Technical School of Photography in Warsaw. In that school I have aquired extensive knowledge: from analog to digital techniques in various subjects. I have completed apprenticeship with a polish fashion photographer where I have learned about running a photography studio. It included light system, product photography, portraits and more. I’ve also been photographing concerts and music festivals for "Kinkyowl" online magazine for a few years.
Since moving to Berlin in November 2017, I've gathered a portfolio in various other subjects including mass gatherings, portraits, food or interior photography.
Will shoot a concert, festival, event, portrait, food, but if you are willing to trust me, I can do anything! I also have a lot of experience with retouching.
I'm open for any new commissions, just contact me:
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