fot. Claudia Damps

I'm a freelance photographer based in Berlin, born and raised in Warsaw. I specialize mainly in event and music photography.
I graduated from Technical School of Photography in Warsaw. There I have aquired extensive knowledge: from analog to digital techniques in various subjects. I have completed apprenticeship with a polish fashion photographer where I have learned about running a photography studio. It included light system, product photography, portraits and more.
I started my journey with music photography documenting concerts and music festivals for Kinkyowl online magazine in 2016. Since then I've gathered a portfolio in various other subjects including different types of events, portrait or documentary photography.
If you are looking for a wedding photographer, e-mail me for sample photos. I would be more than happy to capture your special day.
If you like my style and you are looking for someone to capture something specific the you didn't find in my potfolio, e-mail me and we'll see if we can work together. I am always open for new experiences and challenges.
I edit all of my photos myself and if you need retouching on any photos, I can also do it for you.
I'm open for new commissions in Berlin or worldwide, just contact me: an.wyszomierska(@)

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